Whatsapp Marketing automation software how to make unlimited whatsapp channels

Bulk whatsapp Malaysia
Use our whatsapp marketing automation software (Whatsapp Channel Generator) to create whatsapp
channels for running your social media campaigns. Whatsapp channels are mobile numbers
registered with whatsapp and useful for sending bulk messages using whatsapp marketing

bulk whatsapp provider
The expense of this software is $900. You'll be able to produce unlimited amounts of channels
and thus run large whatsapp marketing campaigns for your clients or your own business/product,
since the cost to make each whatsapp channel will be reduced considerably to $0.016 per channel.

This whatsapp marketing automation software works together a database of channels from China. We'll
create an account in our partner website through which you will be able to purchase mobile numbers
as credit to make use of with our software to produce as many channels since you need in any given time. Just login
back using our software and commence using your credit and begin making channels with one
or two cliks. Make 1000 channels for 3-4 hours running our channel creator software in comparison to 100-150
channels a person will make in the same amount of time.

Our whatsapp marketing automation software that is a whatsapp channel generator will register each mobile
number you purchased automatically, by requesting whatsapp for authorization code and verifying each
account automatically in the shadows. All the registered whatsapp channels will be stored in your desktop
inside a format ready to be uploaded to the whatsapp marketing automation software.

If you need to make unlimited whatsapp channels that will permit you to send more messages and run
larger social media marketing campaigns contact us to obtain our whatsapp marketing automation software
(Whatsapp Channel Generator). We accept great shape payment: paypal.com, skrill.com, Western Union,
Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, etc

Whatsapp: 51978492438
Email: support@wpbulk.com
Skype: wp.bulk (Alonso)

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